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What is U-Report?

U-Report is a free online platform to communicate and share issues that matter to you. It allows young people from any community, anywhere in the world to speak out, respond to polls, and become positive agents of change.

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U-Report is all about you! Once you join the U-Report community, you are able to share your opinion with other young people, policy-makers, and others about the issues and experiences happening within your community. You can act as a positive agent of change on behalf of people in your country.


How to join U-Report Myanmar?

You can join U-Report Myanmar in 2 ways:

📱 Through Facebook Messenger

Step 1: Follow the U-Report Myanmar Facebook page and click "Join" via messenger.

Step 2: Wait for a reply from U-Report. Continue to answer a few questions.

Step 3: After answering the questions, you will receive a message saying that you have become a U-Reporter.

Step 4: As a U-Reporter, you can respond to biweekly polls and deliver meaningful information and opinions to make positive changes in your community.

OR you can click on this Messenger link to directly join us.

📱 Through Viber

Step 1: Click on this U-Report Myanmar Viber link

Step 2: Become a U-Reporter and start speaking out!