Shii Nay Mal is about emotional learning

Emotional learning is at the core of Shii Nay Mal stories and messages. This learning represents the process through which caregivers and children develop the skills to recognize and manage their emotions, understand others' emotions, build positive relationships and healthy boundaries.

Emotional learning plays a crucial role in promoting mental health by fostering emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and resilience. These benefits contribute to the development of well-rounded children and famiies who can navigate life's challenges with greater ease and maintain positive mental well-being.

How Shii Nay Mal represents emotional learning?

Colour backgrounds, sounds and aesthetics

Colours, sounds and visual design are at the core message that you will be able to observe through the resources in this web. For our branding how you present the stories to children plays a crucial role in transmitting our aim to perceive calmness and mental health storytelling and narrative benefits, contributing to the overall functionality and user experience that we want to share with you !

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